Soul Stones

Category: 2D Animation

Client: Vancouver Film School

Date: 2016

Role: Director, Scriptwriter, Illustrator, Music Composer , 2D animator, video editor.


Inspired by two of my passions (video games, and fairy tales), I created ‘Soul Stones’ a prologue for a fictitious fantasy video game. Soul Stones is a magical story, set a long time ago in the Land of Illusions, where the feelings of a beautiful princess are stolen by a dark wizard and put into seven soul stones. The story is a metaphor highlighting the search inside ourselves for our hidden feelings.

Creative Process

I drew inspiration for my art direction from stained glass windows in castles and churches. I played with texture and styles in Illustrator to create the stained-glass look. In keeping with my theme, my color palette is bright and colorful to represent the fragments of the stained glass. .For the music, I was inspired by the Celtic Harp melodies and the soundtracks from games such The Legend of Zelda, and used these to compose my own piece for the score.