Category: Tittle Sequence

Client: Vancouver Film School

Date: 2016

Role: Motion Graphic Artist, Color Grading , Video Editor, 2D animator.


For my title sequence project, I created an animation with a series of public domain images I found in the World War II Database. I was inspired by the battle of Iwo Jima Island between the United States and Japan in WWII.

Story Synopsis

The Marines of the U.S H company has a mission, conquer the top of Mount Suribachi to overthrow the Japanese defenses, but before reaching the top with the American flag, the Marines will have to battle in an inclement terrain, dodging the constant bombing and enemy fire. They will have to go trough fields of mutilated bodies, all the while watching their comrades fall one by one on the sulfur island.

Visual Inspiration

Style Inspiration

Creative Process

My objective was to turn the black and white pictures into 3d elements to give them life in After Effects. I used bold and rich colors like red and orange that represent danger, blood and war. I wanted to dedicate a motion piece in memory of all the brave men who gave their lives on the battlefield.