Category: Stop Motion Animation

Client: Vancouver Film School

Date: 2015

Role: Director,Scriptwriter,Photographer, Art Director, Video editor,Music Composer

Inspiration and message

This stop motion film was inspired by my love for the ocean and my interest in stories of shipwrecks. The plot combines the motive of the sea and an unexpected ending for a love story, showing that you shouldn't trust people you barely know. The screensaver "Johnny Castaway" for Windows 95 inspired me to set the story on a lonely island in the middle of the ocean.


Creative Process

To build the small island I used a box of mushrooms and different crafting materials to finish the stage. The waves are made of cardboard and painted with acrylique paint by hand. The main characters were modeled in clay. The clouds, starts and some effects were added at the end in the post production on After Effects.

The animation was made at 12 frames per second so approximately I had to take around 520 pictures for the whole film. I used the ukulele for composing the soundtrack and create a tropical feeling.