My story in the Delicias

Category: Multimedia Book

Client: University of Valle

Date: 2014

Role: Designer,Journalist,Illustrator,Animator


This Project intends to highlight the stories of a group of kids from Las Delicias, a stigmatized neighborhood in Palmira, Colombia through a multimedia book. In order to achieve this, the authors worked with children once a week for about a year, with oral narration, drawings and music workshops.

Children from Las Delicias gather during the afternoons in the ‘Fundación MOCE’ (NGO) installations to have scholar reinforcements and a variety of artistic workshops. In the current logbook the field work done in those spaces is described, also the multimedia book creating process.

To plan the workshops the authors took as a reference the theory bases presented in this paper and that were studied in the Social Communication bachelor. In the multimedia book creation they had to use their knowledge in photography, radio and writing; the multimedia book is the communication product of the current investigation and uses those elements,and some design elements, to take the public (multimedia users) to know the realities and fantasies of this group of kids.

Multimedia Book

Creative Process

We wanted that the design of the book would look like a book for kids with a lot of colors and paint everywhere. We wished to create an interactive and unique experience on each page, inspired on the kids' stories.

I vectorized the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and colorized them on photoshop. I made the layout of the Book in Adobe InDesing and programmed all the buttons and interactions on the same program. Some of the animations were made on Flash and the final product was exported in SWF format, an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics, and ActionScript.