Category: 2D animation/ Character Design

Client: Vancouver Film School

Date: 2015

Role: Director, Scriptwriter, 2D Animator, Illustrator,Sound Designer

Character Inspiration

I was inspired by various physical attributes and habitats of insects to create my monster.

First Sketches

Background Inspiration

The character´s world was inspired by fantasy fiction tropes such as fairy tales, garden gnomes, and homes built in trees.

Visual References

Final Background

Model Sheet

When I was happy with my sketches, I vectorized my character using Adobe Illustrator. I applied the color and put the final textures in Photoshop.







Poses and Gestures

Color Palette


Arakmis is a former soldier of the planet Mantinesa who was unjustly accused of murder and banished to the planet Earth. He lost part of his left wing in a terrible battle and now can't fly. He is hoping the Interstellar Detective finds the real culprit because he wants to be forgiven to return to the spacecraft.