About Me

Ana Maria is a multidisciplinary designer with the soul of a musician and heart of an artist. She currently resides in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, but originally hails from Colombia, where her artistic roots were born. She has a bachelor's degree in Social Communication and Journalism, a diploma in Digital Design, and countless years of music studies. 

In her professional journey, she has had the fortune of working with independent clients, creative agencies like Rethink, 123W and QuickFrame and industry giants alike, such as IBM, Science World, and Electronic Arts. As a result, Ana's work encompasses a vast range of creative mediums including web design, digital assets creation, animated informational videos, and TV spots, as well as photography and videography.

Her drive comes from a desire to create visual content that transmits impactful messages. As an eternally curious person, she strives to learn new things and improve existing skills every day.

In her spare time, you can find her shooting pictures in the wild, writing a new song at midnight, or recording music videos on her guitar. You might also find her in the gym punching and kicking some pads, or perhaps giving her gamer brain some exercise by challenging her friends.

Of course, as a native Colombian, she enjoys a good cup of coffee -so if you want to know more, just invite her to discuss any future projects over a latte or two!

Let's Work Together